Examinations and Results

  •    The examinations for Hindi language under Hindi Teaching Scheme for Jan-May session are conducted every year in third/fourth week of May & for July –November session; examinations are conducted in the third/fourth week of November.

  •    The examinations for Hindi typing/ Stenography for February-July session are held in third/fourth week of July & for August-January session examinations are held in the third & fourth week of January.

  •    Examinations for courses conducted under the Central Hindi Training Institute/Sub-Institutes are held regularly throughout the year

  •    Generally, the examination results are made available on the website of the department www.rajbhasha.gov.in of Department of Official Language within a month from the date of examination.  

  •    The examination results of the online exams conducted at the intensive training centers of the Hindi Language are declared on the same day in the evening and the same is sent immediately to the concerned centers by Deputy Director (Exams) through his official Email.

    Cash awards and incentives for the Central Government employees on passing the exams.

  •    After passing the examinations of Hindi Language, Hindi Typing (Manual)/ Hindi Word Processing (Computer) & Hindi Stenography of CHTI/HTS, Cash awards are granted to the Central Government officers/employees on fulfilling the prescribed conditions by their concerned offices. In addition to this, they are also eligible for personal pay as per rules.